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~Ten people, ten colors, colorful haze clothes~

  • SLADKY Gradation Shrinkage / Footwear Ordering Party ~Ten People, Ten Colors, Colorful Kasumi Clothing~
  • Date March 25 (Sat) - April 4 (Tue), 2023
  • Venue KAPUKI Nakameguro
  • Hours Weekdays 12:00-18:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-18:00
  • (Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays)

Around this time, the days when the cold weather eases a lot, and you can feel spring in the soft sunshine.
At KAPUKI, from March 25th to April 4th, you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing.
From the popular cotton linen kimono [SLADKY Omi Chijimi Gradation] every year, we will prepare a wide variety of colors including new colors for the summer earlier than anywhere else.

Omi Chijimi can be worn for a long period of time, from the season when the weather warms and the young leaves are beautiful, to the full-blown summer when you feel cool with the sound of wind chimes.
Such Omi Chijimi gradation kimono can be worn in many casual occasions.

In addition, a [Footwear Ordering Event] will be held at the same time, and during the period, we will prepare thongs and stands in a wide variety of colors and materials that are not usually available in stores.

Many new “KAPUKI original” thongs are also available.
We also accept orders for clogs for the summer, so you can choose your own pair to match your yukata or refreshing gradation kimono.

Please come and visit us at this opportunity.

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