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Kapuki silk mask bamboo striped white

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Kapuki silk mask bamboo striped white

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"Kapuki MASK"
Original cloth mask “Take cloth striped white” from kimono, taking advantage of the function and individuality of natural materials
It is an Akiha weave banglo fabric with a light image with a striped pattern. Banglo is a general term for yarns made by blending natural bamboo fibers with other fibers such as cotton, and has the crispness of bamboo similar to hemp and the softness of cotton. The refreshing white and simple striped pattern give a sophisticated image even in the office scene.
In addition, 100% silk sheeting fabric is used for the inner material. In addition to excellent water absorption, moisture release, and breathability, it is a high-class material that also has natural heat retention. In addition, silk is a natural protein fiber made from the cocoons of silkworms, and because it is composed of ingredients that are extremely similar to human skin, it is very familiar with the skin and protects the skin's moisture. In addition, we use cotton sheeting (knit) material among silk. The gentle and soft texture that you won't find anywhere else is a comfort that you will become addicted to.

Outer fabric: 35% bamboo, 65% cotton
Lining: 100% silk (plain white, cotton sheeting)
String: 90% nylon, 10% polyurethane

[Size] (vertical width x horizontal width when opened)
S: about 12.5cm x about 17cm
M: about 13.5cm x about 18cm
L: about 14.5cm x about 19cm
XL: about 16cm x about 19cm
*Please be careful not to get the wrong size. We may not be able to change the size after the order has been confirmed.

【Country of origin】

We will deliver within 3 business days after completing your order.

<How to use>
Adjust the length of the ear strap. You can wear it comfortably with a little looseness.
You can use it repeatedly by washing.

<Handling Precautions>
Masks do not completely prevent infection.
This product cannot be used for the purpose of preventing infection, atheroma, gas, etc.
Please note that due to the characteristics of the fabric, it may shrink slightly after washing.
Please avoid using the dryer.
Do not use detergents containing chlorine or bleach.
Please avoid washing with other colors.
In the unlikely event that symptoms such as itching or rash appear, discontinue use.
Masks are hygienic products and cannot be returned.