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Hondaya Genbei “Kurotan Wig”

"Ebony Wig"

An obi that vividly expresses a bright red wig that emerges from the black.

Black lacquer is used for black and red lacquer is used for red.

Dan means red.

Lacquer foil: Japanese lacquer crafts have a long history, dating back to the Jomon period.

Its etymology is said to be 'Uruwashi' and 'Uruoshi'.

The base material of lacquerware is mainly wood, metal, ceramics, and other materials that are difficult to deform.

By harmonizing the best materials with mutually exclusive properties, a silk that retains its beauty semi-permanently was born.

(Available at KAPUKI Nakameguro store.)

Country of origin

Obi length: about 440 Obi width: about 31

Cloth only: Within 3 business days

Tailoring: It takes about 1 month from order to delivery.

Please contact us for the price below.
Phone: 03-5724-3779