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Kondaya Genbei "Komon Ryu no Maru"

"Komon Ryu no Maru"

A small pattern with a golden dragon flying on a glossy gray-colored Ichikoshi fabric.
The round crest of a dragon that shines even in a classy outfit speaks of a stylish spirit.
Kawari Ichikoshi: A fabric woven using silk thread twisted with the most characteristic of chirimen, "Mizu-twisted Haccho-twisted thread".
Due to the large number of warp threads, the luster of silk is beautiful and it is a luxurious material.

(Available at KAPUKI Nakameguro store.)
country of origin

Length: Approx. 132 Width: Approx. 40.5

Cloth only: Within 3 business days

Tailoring: It takes about 1 month from order to delivery.

Please contact us for the price below.


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