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Hondaya Genbei "Kira Origami Wakamatsu Seikaiha White"

"Kira Origami Wakamatsu Seikai Wave White"

Seigaiha, which uses white mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl on white vertical threads, is gorgeously woven throughout the obi.

Kira Oriri: A work of art that splendidly colored the culture of the noble dynasty.

Loved by the Heian Dynasty, it was a treasure on a par with gold, silver and jewels, and was a sign of wealth and eternal beauty. Rare natural seashells are polished extremely thinly and finely cut with expert craftsmanship to create a masterpiece of ultra-fine craft art that has a mysterious sparkle.

(Available at KAPUKI Nakameguro store.)

Country of origin
silk, mother-of-pearl

Obi length: about 440 Obi width: about 31

Cloth only: Within 3 business days

Tailoring: It takes about 1 month from order to delivery.

Please contact us for the price below.
Phone: 03-5724-3779