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Hondaya Genbei "Kira Orihime Yabane"

"Kira Oriri Yabane"

Luxurious obi with arrow feathers shining all over the obi.

Black lacquer is used for the entire obi, and real gold is used for the edge of the arrow feather pattern.

Mother-of-pearl is woven into the arrow feathers of the drum part.

Kira Oriri: A work of art that splendidly colored the culture of the noble dynasty.

Loved by the Heian Dynasty, it was a treasure on a par with gold, silver and jewels, and was a sign of wealth and eternal beauty. Rare natural seashells are polished extremely thinly and finely cut with expert craftsmanship to create a masterpiece of ultra-fine craft art that has a mysterious sparkle.

(Available at KAPUKI Nakameguro store.)

Country of origin
silk, mother-of-pearl

Obi length: about 440 Obi width: about 31

Cloth only: Within 3 business days

Tailoring: It takes about 1 month from order to delivery.

Please contact us for the price below.