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Hondaya Genbei "Nine-inch obi torn lattice"

"Nine-inch obi torn lattice"

In the Momoyama period, it became elegant, and from the early Edo period, it became eccentric (Kabukimono), and it became stylish and inase.

The lattice is broken, and the anti-curtain and overthrowing curtains are expressed.

Since ancient times, there are torn patterns such as net-breaking carp and net-breaking katsumushi.

The torn lattice is a pattern from about 250 years ago. The irregular and unconventional lattice symbolizes energy power and is a favorite pattern of men who live life to the fullest.

(Available at KAPUKI Nakameguro store.)


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Obi length: about 440 Obi width: about 31

Cloth only: Within 3 business days

Tailoring: It takes about 1 month from order to delivery.

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