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Kimono/Yukata size guide

Kimono and yukata

  • If you are unsure about the size, please contact us with your height, hip measurement, etc.
  • If you would like your garment tailored to your length, please choose your size.
Ready-made sizes for women

Ready-made S size
(With hem)

Ready-made M size (with hem)
Expected height

155cm - 165cm

160cm - 170cm
Hip 86cm - 94cm 90cm - 98cm
Sleeve length 66cm 68cm
(From the shoulder)
161cm 166.5cm
Sleeve Length 49cm 49cm
Front Width 24.5cm 24.5cm
Back width 26.5cm 28.5cm
Collar 15cm 15cm
Carryover 3.8cm (one inch) 3.8cm (One inch)
Men's ready-to-wear sizes
kinds Ready-made M size Ready-made L size
Expected height

165cm - 175cm

175cm - 185cm
Hip 90cm - 100cm 95cm - 105cm
Sleeve length 72cm 72cm
(From the shoulder)
145.5cm 155cm
Sleeve Length 49cm 49cm
Front Width 26cm 24.5cm
Back width 29.5cm 30.5cm
Collar 15cm 15cm
Carryover 0cm 0cm

How to measure sleeve length