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vol.8 maiko

Gradation shrinkage of "Sladkey" made by unlined clothes. Fluffy, comfortable, and cool to wear. Sladky's gradation shrinkage has a lot of wonderful color variations, and I was worried about which color to choose for about a month. I chose a gradation with half black and half blue. In addition, the gradation shrinkage has infinite patterns when tailoring! It's really fun to think about how to make a pattern out. I wore a black collar and a scalloped back.

The belt is KAPUKI's popular "lattice" belt. A versatile player that goes well with any kimono. It is recommended that you wear it neatly.

"SACRA"'s delicately crafted bamboo clutch is beautiful from any 360-degree angle. It will make your summer kimono look elegant just by holding it.

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