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Kimono Snap

vol.8 maiko

"Sradky"'s gradation shiki made with a single garment. It's soft, comfortable, and keeps you cool. Sladky's gradation shiki comes in many wonderful color variations, and I struggled for about a month deciding what color to choose. I chose a gradation that is half black and half blue. Furthermore, with gradation shiki, the possibilities for pattern creation during tailoring are endless! It's really fun to think about how to create a pattern. I made the collar black and the back with a wavy stitch.

The obi belt is KAPUKI's popular "lattice" pattern obi belt. A versatile player that goes well with any kimono. Recommended for a neat look.

SACRA's delicately made bamboo clutch is beautiful when viewed from any 360 degree angle. Just holding it will make your summer kimono look more elegant.