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vol.10 Manager Yumeho

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long time. This is Yumeho from KAPUKI.

A staff relay about the coordination worn for New Year's greetings started by Reiko
I will continue to do so!

This time, I coordinated with the theme of [formal like me]!
She's wearing [Saaya-gata Murasaki], which is my favorite furisode KAPUKI.
In the first place, I like plain colors, but I fell in love at first sight when I saw such a beautiful and vivid purple color.
If you can do the coming-of-age ceremony again, definitely this! The more I think,
It's stylish and cool even if it's not a furisode.

The matching obi is also love at first sight.
At the photo shoot for the furisode catalog to be announced in 2021 at Hondaya Genbei's [Fujihanahime]
Wearing a willow knot that shows the pattern that is hidden by the drum as much as possible
I fell in love the moment the model finished dressing and came out...
So this time, I tried tying a willow knot.
Really too cute! ! ! Absolutely the best combination!

I fell in love at first sight, showing off my furisode and obi to the fullest.
Uniform black from half-collar to obiage to footwear
I combined the obidome (amethyst with furisode) for one point.
Personally, I was very happy to wear my favorite children!

How was it? smile
I would be happy if I could be a reference coordination for everyone.
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