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vol.11 love

This is Ai from KAPUKI staff.

Before introducing the coordination, I would like to introduce myself a little bit.
((Scroll if you are interested in the coordination))

My name is "Ai". It's hiragana.
The charm point is the braided pigtails that grow from the bob♡
A genuine Naniwa child born and raised in Osaka! ! !
I came to this longed-for KAPUKI from Osaka.

I met KAPUKI four years ago, around the time I graduated from my third year of high school, in the spring of 2019, when the weather started to warm up.
``If you don't feel destiny, please don't wear it. ”
I can't be so bullish about those words and the one-of-a-kind long-sleeved kimono and coordination! Cool!
I couldn't help but wonder...
On Coming of Age Day, I wore my aunt's brown long-sleeved kimono with a KAPUKI obi [white cloisonne].
Actually, I was a customer of KAPUKI.
It would be too long to talk about the day I wore it to see my favorite KAPUKI for the first time, so...
In my next blog, I will talk about it passionately as "Ai-chan's sunny day." lol!

Then, I entered Kimono College in Osaka.
I want to be a member of KAPUKI even while attending vocational school! I worked hard on my studies with this feeling in my heart.
In the spring of my third year as a professional student, I came to KAPUKI and studied there as an intern for a month and a half during the summer vacation.
After that, I graduated from vocational school wearing KAPUKI's long-sleeved kimono [Aimatsu].
Once again, I was too overwhelmed with my thoughts,
I will be sending this in the "Ai-chan Graduation Hakama Thoughts. Volume"♪

And now, I have officially become a member of KAPUKI.
I am filled with gratitude♡

I have a lot to study and am inexperienced, but KAPUKI's! For everyone! I will do my best with Naniwa's soul to help you, so please help me.

I was supposed to briefly introduce myself, but I ended up talking for a long time...
I still don't have enough to say, so I'd be happy if you could include a sequel ♡

Thank you for your patience. Now, I would like to introduce you to the coordination I wore for my New Year's greetings.
Basically, I'm made up of red, black, and gray, so I packed in all the colors and patterns I like.

The long-sleeved kimono she wore is [Gyogichi Kikukamon].
A pattern within a pattern, full of Edo Komon.
At first glance, it looks plain, but it's covered in patterns, making you feel like you're wearing tradition and art, and it makes your spine stretch.

The obi that goes with such a stylish long-sleeved kimono is too stylish for my taste.
This is [Kurotan wig] by Genbei Kondaya.
This bright red wig looks adorable against the black! Doesn't it look like a heart? ♡
Black lacquer is used for black, and red lacquer is used for red, giving it not only a cute look but also an elegant impression.
The photos don't do it justice, so please come and take a look.

Since the long-sleeved kimono and obi were a bit long, I added a pop polka dot pattern to the obi.

Next year a little more...
more! ! ! I wish I could say New Year's greetings as an adult woman.

How was that.
I would be happy if this information could be helpful to you.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the products.

I look forward to seeing you next time.

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