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vol.17 "What will my mother wear for the graduation ceremony?"

how do you do.
The other day, my daughter's college graduation ceremony ended successfully.

Corona calmed down, and of course I thought that my parents would be able to attend,
Surprisingly, the attendance of the parents was reported as NG! ! !
No, I was ready to go out, but it's too sad (crying)
I've worked hard to raise my daughter for the past 22 years, but it's too cruel to not be able to celebrate my daughter's beautiful appearance (crying)

So, even though I can't attend the ceremony, I rushed to the front of the school with a bunch of flowers (laughs).

Of course, my daughter attended in a KAPUKI hakama.
I was planning to wear the furisode that I wore at the coming-of-age ceremony and dyed it, but
After all it is good to be different! I chose Chidori Nishioka's black and white long-sleeved kimono and black hakama.
(I have not rented this coordination yet, but I will rent it from next year.)
I'm an idiot, but it really suited me well ❤︎

And here is the main issue.
What to wear to your child's graduation ceremony? A certain question in the kimono industry.
In general, it seems that ``modest kimonos such as tsukesage and plain colors are good''.
Parents shouldn't stand out too much at graduation ceremonies where children play a leading role.
Yes, that's right.

However, I always wonder, how much do people who don't usually wear kimono understand the category of kimono?

“Is this a tsukege? Houmongi?”
“Are Komon kimonos bad?”
"What kind of obi and accessories should I match with?"

And so on, when you wear it, you may be full of anxiety.
There may be some people who don't know what is the correct answer and are frustrated by thinking that it should be clothes.

Yes, this is my personal opinion, so please read it for reference only.

The school that my children went to from elementary school to high school had a very liberal atmosphere, with no uniforms and plain clothes.
School rules such as hair color and piercing were decided by the children, and it was a school that valued autonomy.
Since it is a graduation ceremony of such a school, the children's clothes are ten colors.
Some even attend in Super Mario outfits!
For such a fun graduation ceremony, it would be utter nonsense to call the category of kimono.
The important thing is the feeling of celebrating the growth of the child.
So, I think it's important to be familiar with the place when it comes to what to wear.
It varies widely depending on the atmosphere of the school and regional characteristics.
I think that only the person himself knows whether it will stand out too much on the spot,
Isn't it okay to make a self-judgment there? (sorry for the throwing spear)
For example, people who attend in clothes don't say things like this is bad, this is good, right?
There are suits and dresses, and there are many stylish mothers in jackets and pants.
When it comes to kimono, I can't believe I'm bound by the rules of kimono!
Who made those rules! I'm getting a little rough with my snort.

So, please take a look at the photos from the KAPUKI style graduation ceremony for your reference.

This is my son's junior high school graduation ceremony.
My son wants to wear a denim kimono! So, here's a pair look ❤︎
In a sense, this was my everyday wear (laughs).
There was no problem at all in attending in a denim kimono.

Here's a picture of my friend wearing it to her graduation ceremony.
My daughter wants to wear KAPUKI black denim at her elementary school graduation ceremony! So,
This is also a matching coordination for parents and children.
My daughter tied an antique obi to a vertical arrow, and her mother wore an obi belt.
I have never seen such a cute parent and child!
And the smiles of these two say it all❤︎

This was my son's high school graduation ceremony last year.
My son has grown taller, so the length of the kimono he wore in junior high school was a little short.
I put on a denim kimono as a coat.
I wore a torn fan's Homongi.
I introduced this in the blog before the last , but it was a yell for my son who is leaving here.

And this year's daughter's graduation ceremony coordination that I posted at the beginning.
A kimono with a small dragon crest is combined with a Kyoto bag belt with a lightning bolt drawn in gold leaf.

I think there are some people who think that the coordination is too stylish at first glance.
Appropriate for a graduation ceremony? You may hear such voices,
Here, I thought about coordinating to celebrate my daughter's departure.
This kimono and obi were not custom made for my daughter's graduation ceremony.
These are the ones that I use regularly.
I chose this one because my daughter was born in 2000, the year of the dragon.
Yes, this is definitely the kimono I wear for my daughter's graduation ceremony! I thought.

And the graduation ceremony was around the time of the twenty-four solar term "Keizoku".
Jingzhe is the time when the insects that were trapped in the winter come out of the soil in spring.
It is said that spring thunderstorms are more likely to occur during this period, and it is said that people in the past wore kimonos with lightning patterns to frighten insects.
I happened to find such an article, and this obi is the only one that goes well with this kimono!
And the relationship between Satoshi Suzuki , the artist who drew this lightning, and the dragon!
(It's getting long here, so let's save it for another time.)

what to wear to a graduation ceremony
There is nothing wrong with Houmongi, Komon, and Denim Kimono, right?

Of course, I hear people say that it doesn't suit our school, or that it might be a little out of place compared to the people around them.
In that case, I think it would be better to wear a kimono that fits the occasion.
And above all, it is also important that it suits you.
(Pink floral pattern doesn't suit me lol)

I think you should give priority to your own taste rather than the category of kimono.
If you are still worried, please come to KAPUKI.
I'll give you a push on the back ❤︎

as a side note.
I thought this kimono with a dragon crest was made with a lining (lined), but it turned out to be a single kimono (no lining) (crying).
I thought it would be cold to wear a single coat at this time of year, but on this day, the maximum temperature was close to 20 degrees,
It was a very warm day, so I was comfortable.
And just because it was a single robe, it didn't bother anyone.
It's all about kimono rules. .
Oh, I'm going to excuse myself for today.

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