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vol.9 Shopkeeper Reiko

A new year has arrived with the beginning of spring!
These days I can feel the smell of spring.
How is everyone doing.

I completely neglected this blog (sorry)
From now on, I will update properly
I'm going to tighten my mind! hey!

So, this time, we will send you the coordination worn for New Year's greetings by staff relay.
(Everyone, please follow along!)

The kimono worn by the owner, Reiko, is a Houmongi worn by Hondaya Genbei.
Originally, the pattern of the torn fan was on the belt ,

I made it as a furisode for KAPUKI's special order two years ago.
The furisode is very cool, and I ordered this one in different colors as a Houmongi.

"Never giving up"

We welcomed the new year with a new heart, wearing the strong aspirations embodied in the name.

And this is also one of the memories I wore to my son's graduation ceremony last spring.
I was able to participate in this kimono with the meaning of "NEVER GIVE UP" with my son's departure from here.
I conveyed my feelings not with words, but with what I wore,
It was a gift from me.
With kimono, you can enjoy expressing your thoughts with patterns, which is not possible with clothes.
It may be nothing more than self-satisfaction that no one knows, but that kind of secret enjoyment may be the real pleasure of wearing a kimono.
And I hope one day I can tell my son that story.
I hope I can continue to tell everyone how to enjoy kimono.

And the double belt that goes with this kimono is from Kondaya Genbei.

This is my favorite obi,
“One per family, Momoyama surihaku!”
Recently, I've been saying it like a slogan,
I can assure you that this is the ultimate obi that is indispensable for KAPUKI coordination!
The texture of the foil is different one by one, so it really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The color of the baked leaf that has changed over time creates a very tasteful atmosphere.
And above all, it's light and comfortable to wear!
When you actually pick it up at the store, you will be really surprised at how light it is!
No matter what kind of kimono, and even if you combine it with obiage and obijime,
The depth of the bosom that accepts everything.
Ah, these days I want to be that kind of woman too.

It's been two years since we moved to the new store.
And this year KAPUKI will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.
Kimono shop KAPUKI started by me, an amateur who doesn't know right or left.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the many people who have supported me so far.
Although I am still young, I would appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement.

KAPUKI owner
Koshizuka Reiko

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