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vol.9 Shopkeeper Reiko

The first day of spring has arrived and a new year has arrived!
These days I can feel the smell of spring.
How is everyone doing.

I have completely neglected this blog (sorry)
I'm starting over with a fresh start and will update properly from now on.
I'm going to tighten my mind again! hey!

So, this time, we will send you a staff relay about the coordination worn during the New Year's greetings.
(Everyone, please continue!)

The kimono that the shop owner, Reiko, is wearing is a worn-out fan kimono made by Hondaya Genbei.
Originally, the handle of the torn fan was on a bag belt ,

I had it made as a long-sleeved kimono two years ago as a special order for KAPUKI.
The long-sleeved kimono was extremely cool, and this one was ordered as a visiting wear in different colors.

“Unyielding and unwavering”

We entered the new year with a fresh heart, embracing the strong aspirations contained in our name.

And this is also one of the memories I wore to my son's graduation ceremony last spring.
Being able to attend in this kimono, which has the meaning of ``NEVER GIVE UP'', is a great honor for my son who is about to depart from here.
I conveyed my feelings not through words, but through what I wore.
It was a gift from me.
Kimono has a fun way to express your feelings through patterns that you can't find in clothes.
No one really knows, and it may be nothing more than self-satisfaction, but this secret pleasure may be the real pleasure of wearing a kimono.
And I hope I can talk to my son about that someday.
I hope to continue to share with everyone how to enjoy kimono.

The fukuro-obi that goes with this kimono is from Genbei Kondaya.

This is my favorite obi,
“One bottle for every family, Momoyama surihaku!”
These days, I say it like a slogan,
I declare that this is the ultimate obi that is indispensable for KAPUKI coordination!
The texture of each leaf is different, so it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The color of the baked foil that has changed over time creates a very tasteful atmosphere.
Best of all, it's lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear!
When you actually pick it up at the store, you'll be surprised at how light it is!
No matter what kind of kimono you wear, and even if you match it with obiage or obijime,
A deep bosom that accepts everything.
Ah, these days I want to be that kind of woman too.

It's already been two years since we moved to the new store.
And this year, KAPUKI will be celebrating its 10th year.
KAPUKI, a kimono shop, was started by an amateur who didn't know right from left.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to so many people for their support so far.
Although I am a young person, I would appreciate your continued guidance and support in the future.

KAPUKI store owner
Reiko Koshizuka